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A high performance automatic wrapper-weigher-labeller capable of up to 36 packages per minute utilizing a single roll of film.

Heat Seal 625A hand wrapper
Heat Seal 104A hand wrapper
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The new Energy SmartĀ® Wrapper proven to significantly reduce energy costs by 80%.  The seal plate only consumes energy when you need to seal a package.

Digi AW-5600AT automatic wrapper
Digi AW-5600CPR automatic wrapper
Digi SWS-5600 trayless wrapper

Digi and Heat Seal; Well accepted world wide in both retail and food processing facilities. We have a wrapping-weighing-labeling solution to fit your needs.


High performance TRAYLESS packaging reducing waste and increasing productivity. Available with linerless labels, another environmental plus


A fully automatic, integrated weigh-wrap-label system designed for in-line operation. Compact and capable of up to 30 packs per minute.

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